Greatview’s intelligent manufacturing: Creating a better customer success platform

Greatview’s intelligent manufacturing: Creating a better customer success platform

Jeff Bi, CEO and Executive Director of Greatview Aseptic Packaging, was invited to deliver a keynote speech at NEXCON, a digital conference sharing insights from leading experts in the field of smart manufacturing. In his speech, he described Greatview’s achievements and prospects in intelligent manufacturing, and how this creates a platform for customer success.

The development of production has evolved from handcraft to large-scale industrial manufacturing, and today, it has entered a new age of intelligent manufacturing. Greatview has been a pioneer in this new era, employing advanced technology to boost efficiency, cost control, and customer experience, thereby creating a win-win situation for both producers and consumers.

In the speech, Jeff delivered an insight into how digital technology is used for customised manufacturing and in the collection and subsequent use of the data in the product’s life. Greatview has established a robust infrastructure in the Internet of Things (IoT), which has laid the foundation for Greatview’s intelligent manufacturing and facilitated the creation of a network of "people", "equipment", and "materials". Based on IoT, Greatview has developed its Corporate Data Centre (CDC) and constructed a data analysis model within the CDC to optimise the operation and production system, thereby balancing customised manufacturing with quality, efficiency, and flexibility.

The digital technology of Greatview’s intelligent manufacturing enables unique QR code labelling on each individual package, delivering real-time, two-way interaction directly between brands and consumers. These simple codes demonstrate Greatview’s strong information processing capability, where millions of customised activities can be processed daily to release massive potential in helping brands to reach their targeted consumers with unprecedented precision.

Jeff also emphasised Greatview’s future commitment to further integrating a digital eco-system between ourselves, food & beverage brands, and end-consumers through customised manufacturing, enabling brands to achieve high digitisation and customisation that matches each individual consumer whilst maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Greatview is committed to using our advanced technological capabilities to achieve more comprehensive and sophisticated intelligent manufacturing and to providing our customers with great value and long-term success.