Greatview introduces an exciting expanded product portfolio at Gulfood Manufacturing 2021

Greatview introduces an exciting expanded product portfolio at Gulfood Manufacturing 2021

Greatview’s appearance at this year’s Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition was punctuated by a series of exciting new product launches that will support producers in the increasingly competitive liquid food industry.

Our company’s goal is to bring significant added value to liquid food producers by supplying a high quality, competitive, intelligent and sustainable packaging solution. At the Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition 2021, we presented to visitors an expanded product portfolio that reinforces our mission statement.

For consumers, care for the environment is an important factor when choosing between various brands. Supporting our customers to communicate their brands’ sustainability initiatives with consumers, we introduced Greatview® Planet, a “Made in Germany” product portfolio, which incorporates bio-attributed polymers in the production process and allows liquid beverage producers to enhance their environmental credentials. Alongside this, we introduced visitors to Greatview® Origin, which gives brands the tools to present a sophisticated, high quality and green image to consumers through a naturalistic kraft paper appearance.

Products stand out on the shelves if they come in a variety of attractive shapes and sizes and in response to market demands around the world, Greatview introduced visitors to our new aseptic beverage packaging sizes and formats including Greatview® Aseptic Brick 180mL Slim and Greatview® Aseptic Brick 200mL Ripple Slim. Our range of new offerings is perfect for many situations, whether it be school lunchboxes, at the family breakfast table or for busy professionals on the go. The formats also serve to meet our customers’ demands for production and marketing optimisation.

Greatview is always dedicated to providing customised and digital solutions to solve customers’ challenges in areas such as food safety and traceability. Further differentiation and value is added to products through the inclusion of interactive digitalisation solutions, powered by Greatview Smart Packaging. In order to help liquid beverage producers to deepen their product’s interactivity potential whilst also enhancing consumer trust in their brand, Greatview introduced Gulfood Manufacturing visitors to a brand new system that powers farm-to-table traceability through unique-per-pack QR codes. As consumers globally become more conscious of the environmental footprint of the products they buy, the traceability solution we introduced provides an insight into how brands can simultaneously make their products more fun whilst also emphasising the sustainable nature of their operations.

Greatview representatives who attended stated that “Despite the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international travel and events, the Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition 2021 was well attended by visitors from countries around the world and we are able to proudly say that we are in a position to support our customers locally and supply globally.”

Greatview is always committed to bringing added value to liquid beverage producers and their consumers. We would like to thank all of the customers who visited our stand and saw what we have to offer.

If you missed out on our stand at the Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition 2021, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more!