Your Right to Choose

Choice Creates Value

Freedom of choice is a fundamental driver of all efficient and advanced market economies. Choice enables competition, which brings down prices, increases quality, opens multiple possibilities and drives innovation.

For many decades, customers of aseptic carton packaging material had no choice, the only possible supplier of packaging material was also the supplier of the filling machine, and as a result, prices were high, quality was dictated by the supplier and innovation stagnated.

This situation was not mirrored in the adjacent market of aseptic plastic bottles – where the suppliers of filling machines and packaging material has always been independent and which is characterised by competitive pricing, multiple choices and a very high rate of innovation.

Competition authorities around the world have recognised the need for open markets in the supply of packaging material, and will act to protect producers’ right to choose. For example, the precedent-setting "Tetra Pak II" case specifically mandates that Tetra Pak machines cannot be contractually tied to the consumable supply. To learn more, go to our companion site

Greatview is the leading challenger of the supply monopoly enjoyed by the aseptic carton machine manufacturers in years past. Greatview packaging material can be directly substituted for the material from the original machine manufacturers without compromising on quality, performance or environmental attributes.