Smart Packaging

Smart Packaging

In this digital world and age, we see an opportunity to help our customers connect directly with consumers via their mobile devices, to encourage them to remain loyal and highly engaged with the brands.

To achieve that mission, Greatview developed innovative Smart Packaging, which makes it possible to print unique content (images/text/QR codes) on each individual carton, to add differentiation and added functionality and appeal beyond the package itself. In the form of a unique QR code, a simple smartphone scan directs consumers to interactive sites that can contain product information, marketing activities, instant wins and competitions as well as granular traceability and the management of supply chains. All in all, Greatview’s Smart Packaging enables information rich, real-time and two-way communication between consumers and brands, which can be individually customised.

Greatview® Smart Packaging, launched in 2015, was shortlisted as a Best Dairy Packaging Innovation of the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2016 and won the 2016 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards — Food and Beverage Industry. More recently, the marketing potential offered by Greatview® Smart Packaging was displayed as a campaign using the format won the “Best Marketing Campaign” at the 2020 World Beverage Innovation Awards. Meanwhile, its traceability function was rewarded at the 2020 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards — Food and Beverage Industry. Today, more than 50 customers have implemented Greatview® Smart Packaging technology on their products, bringing 5.3 billion cartons with variable content and/or QR codes to consumers worldwide.

Greatview® Discovery

Greatview Discovery further enhances novelty in traditional packaging design by adding a scratch-and-reveal coating to the digital print. Consumers are stimulated by the process to uncover instant wins or to participate in online activities. The discovery not only enhances interaction but also improves the scanning rate. The innovative technology of Greatview® Discovery was recognised when it was shortlisted as a finalist at the 2020 World Beverage Innovation Awards.

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