Filling Machine

Aseptic filling machines and distribution equipment

Greatview Aseptic filling and distribution equipment are an integral part of Greatview’s integrated packaging solutions. The equipment is compatible with Greatview Aseptic Packaging materials and other high quality aseptic packaging materials for smooth and efficient operation at the customer site.

Standard parts of Greatview Aseptic filling lines are carefully selected from well-known branded suppliers from Europe, America and Japan, and have undergone rigorous testing to bring the machine performance to an advanced level. Innovative design, high quality components and thorough testing ensures stable and dependable performance in the demanding environments of dairy and juice producers. At present, operating speed of Greatview Packaging aseptic filling equipment is 7,500 packs / hour (depending on the model selected).

While focusing on improving product quality, Greatview Packaging also prioritises reducing customer costs. Lean management provides customers with cost-effective, reliable aseptic filling equipment.

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