Paper Straws

Paper Straws

Greatview offers its customers around the globe high-quality paper straws that include paperboard from FSC™ certified sources. We continually strive to support liquid dairy and beverage producers in reducing their usage of single-use plastics and by offering environmentally-friendly paper straws alongside our paper-based aseptic beverage packaging, Greatview fulfils this responsibility.

Alleviating consumers concerns about reduced convenience associated with paper straws, Greatview’s offering includes paper straws that feature an angle-adjustable elbow section, allowing the straw to be manipulated into a ‘U’ shape, as well as traditional ‘I’ shaped straws.

As the movement towards legislation for environmental protection accelerates around the world and liquid dairy & beverage producers are increasingly expected to project an environmentally conscious image, Greatview’s bio-degradable paper straws support producers without compromising on convenience, quality or competitive pricing.

If you are interested in purchasing or sampling Greatview paper straws, please contact us.

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