Roll-fed Packaging Material

Greatview Aseptic Roll Fed

High quality, reliable packaging material for Tetra Pak filling machines configured for Tetra Brik® Aseptic and Tetra Prisma® Aseptic

Greatview Aseptic Roll Fed packaging material can be used for the most common sizes and formats on filling machines configured for Tetra Brik® Aseptic and Tetra Prisma® Aseptic, generating very substantial savings and delivering vital negotiating power to purchasers. Our packaging material is produced in state-of-the-art factories, from world-class raw material suppliers and to the same level of quality standards, including printing, as the material from the original machine manufacturer. No compromise in quality is tolerated by Greatview or its customers.

Around the globe, competition law and national competition authorities support producers by mandating that Tetra Pak customers have a legal right to choose their packaging material supplier. Technical support, additional material and spare parts can continue to be supplied from the machine manufacturer, or from 3rd party suppliers, usually at considerable savings.

We respect and comply with all regulatory requirements and laws, including valid intellectual property rights, wherever we operate.

Greatview packaging material is compatible with the majority of Tetra Brik® Aseptic and many Tetra Prisma® Aseptic filling machine configurations, including the opening and closure devices. We encourage all customers to keep themselves informed of which systems are locked to alternative supply and which are open. For more information please contact us.

Greatview’s high quality, competitive pricing and excellent service levels have generated consistent growth. The average annual sales of aseptic packaging materials exceeds 10 billion packs, sold in retailers across Europe, the Americas, China, Africa, Russia, Middle East and the Pacific. We have grown to become the largest supplier of aseptic roll fed packaging material for filling machines configured for Tetra Brik® Aseptic after Tetra Pak® itself. We supply both customers who source 100% of their packaging material from us, as well as customers who maintain dual supply and competitive tendering. Either way, Greatview Aseptic Roll-Fed material improves the competitiveness and bottom line of aseptic milk, juice and beverage producers, with no compromise on quality.

Greatview Aseptic Roll Fed sizes and formats

GAB 125mL Slim

Excellent size for children to grab, well suited for children's drinking habits and fitting consumers' needs for new tastes. A fast-growing size in Asia and Middle East.

GAB 200mL Base

Classic in shape, durable and sturdy in distribution. This portion pack is favoured for drinks, juices, creams, and concentrates where space and distribution efficiency comes at a premium.

GAB 200mL Slim

The most sold portion pack format in the world. The optimum package shape for efficient retail shelf display. The perfect volume and the right slim shape for easy handling.

GAB 250mL Base

The original aseptic drink box that revolutionised consumption, distribution and retailing. Asia's best selling package and a teenage favorite in many markets.

GAB 250mL Slim

A classic take on the traditional portion pack size. A tall pack for juice drinks, beverages, and milk, produced in a retail shelf space-efficient format.

Greatview® Aseptic Pillow

The Greatview Aseptic Pillow package is an ideal low-cost solution for UHT milk packaging.

GAB 1000mL Base

The original aseptic family package. A package favoured for its distribution efficiency, cost and value profile.

GAB 1000mL Slim

A classic package that meets the demand for the world’s most sold family pack type. Aseptically packaged dairy, beverage and juice products offered in slim family packs, possible with perforation, Tetra Pak FlexiCap™, LightCap™, ReCap™, SlimCap™ and HeliCap™.

Greatview® Aseptic Octagon 200mL

Unique shape, easy to grab, excellent fit for premium dairy, juice and beverage.

Greatview® Aseptic Octagon 250mL

Unique shape, easy to grab, excellent fit for premium dairy, juice and beverage.

Greatview® Aseptic Crown

A consumer favourite for chilled dairy products; yoghurts, smoothies, value-added milks. We only supply laminated paperboard.

Greatview® Aseptic Crown 450mL