Packaging Effect Material

Greatview® Décor Effect

Greatview is dedicated to innovation and independent development of inspiring and ecologically-friendly means to increase the appeal of our packages. We aim to offer our customers more choices to enhance their brand image and to stand out on cluttered shelves. With Greatview’s Décor Effects portfolio, customers can achieve high differentiation at low cost. No additional investment is needed because all packaging effects can be quickly applied to existing formats without modifying the filling equipment.

Greatview® Luster

Greatview® Luster is a decor effect that gives aseptic cartons a unique soft metallic luster. It can help brands achieve high brand differentiation at low cost. Greatview® Luster using metallic ink instead of metallised board allows cartons with a lighter weight, which has less impact on the environment.

Greatview® Shine

Greatview® Shine adds a strong and radiant shine to cartons, making products visually outstanding in combination with both light and dark-coloured designs. The strongly reflective shine is achieved by a metallic film. It is widely accepted for premium and mid-range products.

Greatview® Brilliance

The holographic surface of Greatview® Brilliance adds bright, dynamic colour and sparkle that changes with movement. With Greatview® Brilliance, brands stand out on the shelf, attract attention and communicate a premium image. When you want your product to shout loud against the crowd, it is a brilliant choice.