German factory awarded top grades for quality management and product safety

Greatview Aseptic Packaging, the world’s leading alternative supplier of aseptic carton packaging material to the beverage and dairy industries, has been awarded top grades from an accredited German auditing authority for its Halle factory under both BRC/IoP and ISO 9001 standards.

The BRC/IoP standard is accepted as the global hygiene and safety standard applying to packaging material in direct contact with food. Greatview’s production facility in Halle, Saale, was awarded a Grade ‘A’, the highest achievable, under the BRC/IoP standard in an audit during April 2015. The audit included examinations of processes and products as well as relevant documentation and the proof of adherence to the requirements of the BRC/IoP packaging standards. The excellent results of the evaluation are visible proof of Greatview’s dedicated efforts in the area of hygiene and food safety.

In parallel to the BRC/IoP audit, Greatview also successfully completed a systems audit for ISO 9001 certification of its Quality Management systems, with zero non-conformances found.

“We are very proud of the excellent results of the hygiene and quality management audits. The fact that we have an independent confirmation that the facilities, processes and people in our German factory are achieving world-class levels, is proof that we not only meet our obligations in product safety and quality, but exceed them”, said Jeff Bi, CEO of Greatview.