Greatview develops the world’s first item-level traceable milk cartons using QR codes

Greatview develops the world’s first item-level traceable milk cartons using QR codes

Greatview Aseptic Packaging, the world’s second largest supplier of roll-fed aseptic carton packaging material has today announced the development of individually traceable milk cartons with unique Quick Reflex (QR) codes printed on its aseptic packages. In a rare display of joint supply chain collaboration, the company has teamed up with Tencent's WeChat and Chinese retailer RT-Mart for Mengniu to apply the technology in promoting its ‘Selected Meadow’ Traceable+ milk brand.

Consumers who use their smartphones to scan ‘Selected Meadow’ brand products will be able to trace item-level information about the milk contained in the carton and also be eligible for receiving targeted price discounts and other value added services. Greatview's latest technology represents the packaging industry’s first step towards offering food producers full supply chain control as well as presenting them with a myriad of targeted advertising opportunities.

Bai Ying, COO of Mengniu, said: “Our partnership with Greatview, WeChat and RT-Mart has been inspired by China's ‘Internet Plus’ strategy, which aims to integrate the internet with traditional industries. For consumers, our new offering means a more comprehensive user experience, while for us it represents a window for leveraging a fully functional big data platform.”

Jeff Bi, CEO of Greatview added: “China's revised ‘Food Safety Law’ now requires manufacturers to establish full supply chain traceability systems. Greatview’s development of item-level traceable cartons using QR codes has been in anticipation of this legal trend and allows Greatview carton products to carry their own separate ID. Smartphone-carrying consumers who scan the codes can be instantly associated with the individual products they purchase. Making instant online payments, gaining bonus points and giving consumers specific information about the product inside are but a few of the choices that will be just a touch away for consumers.”

‘Selected Meadow’ brand Traceable+ Partnership (picture, left to right): Mengniu Executive VP Bai Ying; Mengniu Product Brand Manager Dan Rongqin; RT-Mart East China COO Zhou Li; Greatview CEO Jeff Bi.