Greatview produces blank-fed packaging material for SIG combibloc aseptic filling machines

Following very strong demand from customers, Greatview Aseptic is pleased to announce development of Greatview Aseptic Blank Fed (GABF) packaging material, compatible with SIG’s combibloc aseptic filling machines.

The packaging material, suitable for packing aseptic dairy, juice and still drinks, is currently produced in the following formats:

GABF Mini 125 mL, 51x37 mm cross section
GABF Mini 200 mL, 250 mL 51x37 mm cross section with 7 mm strawhole
GABF Small 200 mL, 250 mL 63x40 mm cross section with 7 mm strawhole

The packaging material is produced in a brand new, dedicated manufacturing facility in China and is available to be transported by rail and ocean to customers worldwide. The material is designed to be directly interchangeable with the equivalent packaging material from the original machine supplier.

Further sizes will be developed in the future according to demand.

“Many customers around the globe, having recognized the value to their business of high quality alternative packaging material for their Tetra Pak roll-fed aseptic filling machines, have asked Greatview for supply for their SIG combibloc blank-fed aseptic filling machines. This new development is just the latest example of Greatview’s commitment to unbundle the supply of aseptic carton packaging material from the filling machines”, says Jeff Bi, CEO of Greatview Aseptic.

Greatview’s entry into the aseptic carton packaging market continues to add value to its customers worldwide, lowering prices, spurring innovation and adding choice.

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