Nestlé Pakistan – Greatview supplied beverage giant with Greatview® Discovery

Nestlé Pakistan – Greatview supplied beverage giant with Greatview® Discovery

Greatview® Discovery added a new dimension to Nestlé Pakistan’s popular Nestlé Fruita Vitals juice range with an exciting marketing campaign that offered free mobile data to consumers. Under a metallic scratch-off layer, every carton featured a unique code that was redeemable for between 50 MB and 300 GB of free mobile data. Every code was guaranteed to generate a prize, incentivising purchase and building brand loyalty.

In a highly competitive food and beverage market, it is important for brands such as Nestlé Pakistan to continually innovate in order to stay ahead of the field. By ensuring that consumers enjoy the best possible experience with their product’s packaging, Greatview® Discovery helps to secure brand loyalty and expand the Nestlé Fruita Vitals consumer base to new demographics.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the incentive of free mobile data with every purchase meant that the brand could promote itself whilst encouraging consumers to stay at home. Through the offer, Nestlé Fruita Vitals was able to help its consumers to stay in touch with friends and family whilst maintaining social distancing and staying safe.

In conjunction with a marketing campaign aimed at a young audience conducted principally online through social media advertisements, the innovative packaging brought a brand new dimension to the Pakistani beverage market. With a lively response across a variety of social media platforms, the possibility of fraud-protected redeemable codes offered by Greatview® Discovery represents huge potential for campaigns such as this one, providing benefits for consumer and producer alike.

Praising the collaboration with Greatview, Muhammad Umair Ajmal, Procurement Manager Direct Materials at Nestlé Pakistan said: “Our suppliers are our strength who help us drive innovation with our customers. Especially in times when the market is saturated and we face stiff competition. Greatview provided Nestlé with a great opportunity and really helped us to win with our customers and consumers.”